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Posted on October 15, 2010

I have always considered myself to be a creative person.  Math and science always has, and always will, make me cringe and feel light headed. I even dread the most basic forms of math, but I have learned to hide my terrible math skills.  At restaurants I whip out my phone and pretend to send an urgent text, little do my friends know that I am actually calculating the tip.

Since I want to vomit at the sight of a chemistry textbook, I have learned to developed an appreciation for art and other creative endeavors. I'm not saying I am a brilliant artist or writer myself, but I can recognize and appreciate a great creation.  In fact my paintings would be really stunning for an eight-year-old, I love color and the objects in the painting are at least recognizable, but that's about it.  Of course my mom supports my bursts of artistic energy and willing hangs any creation of mine around her house.  I pretend not to notice that she strategically places them in places that rarely see any human activity.  I'm sure the four house guests she has had in the past few years have thoroughly enjoyed my green and blue toned painting of mountains and grassy field that is hung in the upstairs guest bathroom.

Although I have accepted that I will not be the next Monet, I am extremely fortunate to live in such an artistic place during my college years.  I enjoy my walk down Pearl Street  into the Downtown Boulder office for this very reason.  As I walk by art galleries, muching on my granola bar, i gaze at the boutique shops with homemade soaps, and musicians.

Only in Boulder will you find a man playing the didgeridoo next to a harp player   at noon on a Wednesday.  These little gems are what make Downtown Boulder such a great place to create and see fantastic art from truly talented artists.  My roommate happens to be one of these talented artist (next time you're at Boulder Baked take a look at the photos on the wall).  And yes, I did just shamelessly plug my roommate on this blog, don't judge.

It also happens to be best time of year in Boulder.  Not only can I wear my awesome brown leather boots, the weather is pleasant and the fall colors are covering the mall. Which is why I am encouraging the roommate to get out the SLR and take some photos of downtown for the photo contest.  You can win a Downtown Boulder gift card that is worth anywhere from $25-$150 and can be used for delicious food or shopping. And I bet if my roommate were to win one she would be so happy that she would take me to dinner at Japango, well I'll at least hope she would.

- Lauren

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