Pumpkins and Pirates

Posted on September 23, 2015

Pumpkins & Pirates - recap of Fall Fest & looking forward to Fashion!

This week’s been especially busy as we recap the eventful weekend with Fall Fest. The festivities were amazing, as people from all over the world sipped margaritas and beer while listening to some awesome tunes from our local bands and enjoyed street foods while browsing artist exhibits and vendors. I worked in the visitors center most of Friday evening, checking in traveling artists, and volunteers for the event. I was quite exhausted by the end of Friday, but that didn’t stop me from returning with some friends on Saturday night to enjoy the festivities on my leisure time. It ended up turning into quite the adventure!

Picture it: an Uber driver drops off three lovely ladies on the corner of Pearl and Broadway.  Despite the air’s Autumn crispness, the girls are dressed in dresses and heels, accompanied with a warmer-than-summer-jacket, and some colorful scarfs complete the “it’s kinda Fall but I still wanna wear a dress” look. The streets are filled with people laughing and joking around, making their way to and from Fall Fest festivities. As the three of us make our way through the crowd, my friend stumbles upon a sword in her face. Yes, you read it right, a sword! As her frightened eyes make their way to the sword’s owner, her confused expression turns into a foolish grin. The sword belonged to a pirate with boots up past his knees. In a matter of moments, the three of us find ourselves surrounded by pirates in every direction.

“I wanna be a pirate too,” exclaims my other friend, holding her beer up in a unison cheers with the pirates ‘swords.’ To my complete surprise, this request was met with much joy and praise. “Follow me!” says an elderly pirate woman as she grabs the hems of her long red dress and secures her pirate hat with the other. We make our way over to a more secluded area  of the mall where she reaches into her leather pouch and exposes a crumpled up piece of paper. A treasure map?! I thought, but no. It was even better. In her hand she held the official pirate oath song. “Sing this loud and proud and put your right hand over your heart,” she instructed. A few minutes later, we had become sworn into the pirate clan with the help of three plastic swords.

Needless to say, Fall Fest was quite the adventure! Hopefully you got the chance to make it down to Pearl Street for some of it, but if not, never fear. Downtown Boulder’s next big event Fashions Night Downtown is coming up this Saturday! But don’t let the name fool you…the runway show starts at 2 pm in front of the county courthouse. After the show, over 20 retailers are hosting special in-store events! So whether or not you missed Fall Fest, or had an absolute blast meeting pirates and dancing to our bands, this Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to experience yet another unforgettable downtown adventure.

Till next time, hade på bade! –Maria Bond  

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