Rain Showers & Reading For Hours

Posted on October 22, 2015

Get Cozy and Get Inspired 

Nothing smells as refreshing and crisp as rain showers in the Fall. It is scheduled to rain on and off all week, so Boulder’s air is filled with this revitalizing aroma. The best thing about rainy weather is the excuse it grants to spend some time treating yourself indoors. I was so excited to spend some time this morning in a new location I hadn’t yet experienced.  As part of this week’s downtown spotlight interviews, I had the pleasure to stroll around the Boulder Public Library to capture pictures of their café Seeds. Walking in, I was greeted by large windows complete with a breathtaking view of the changing leaves around Boulder Creek. Various flowers in vases and bright orange pumpkins decorated the barista countertops and window-side tables. The sweet smell of butternut squash in a toasty Panini sandwich lingered in the air, as content customers sipped hot beverages and enjoyed their books or conversations.

Seeds left me feeling uplifted and inspired, there’s something about the relaxing combination of rain and books. Speaking of that combination, one of my favorite places to spend a rainy afternoon is the Boulder Book Store. The colored spines of all the different books piled high in the bookshelves is such a striking contrast to the grayness outdoors.

The colder weather makes it extra pleasant to be able to wrap your hands around a hot mug of something to warm the throat. A dedicated arts-and-crafts lover, a few hours spent painting my own mug at Color Me Mine feels truly therapeutic. Those rainy evenings snuggled up on the couch wouldn’t be complete without a little sweet treat. Piece, Love, & Chocolate has you covered, as you can either grab a sweet treat to go or spend some time in one of their little store nooks sipping their delicious house-made hot chocolate.      

So let the rain pour, and the relaxation begin. Try to stay warm and dry, till next time fellow Boulderites, -hade på bade! –Maria Bond   (“see you later alligator” in Norwegian)

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