Say hello to Anna, Summer 2016 Intern!

Posted on May 19, 2016

Chaco tans and Adventure spirit

As the Colorado summer sun hits Pearl Street, it also brings out the new interns. My name is Anna Ogilvie, and I will be one of the new Public Relations and Marketing Interns for Downtown Boulder! I am stoked to be here for the summer at the foot of the Flatirons. There’s really no better time to fall in love with downtown than the summertime. I’m excited to get to know and to work with all of you... and you just might help me discover my new favorite brunch hot spot.

I am originally from a college town in Iowa, but am an undergraduate student at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington (Go Zags). Storytelling and understanding what inspires people isn’t a specific major offered at most colleges, but I am (currently) pursuing degrees in Public Relations and Sociology.

I live and breathe in an old pair of chacos that made their way to Boulder 10 years ago on someone else’s feet before they were handed down to me. During that same trip, I fell in love with the mountains and the idea of a thriving downtown district. Then, I promised my younger self that I’d be back. Now fast forward 10 years and I’m walking around the beautiful brick pathways, exploring Peppercorn’s brightly colored spoon collection, and dodging the rain in the warm Laughing Goat Cafe.

Those Chacos have brought me good luck throughout my time here at Boulder so far. During my first day, we had a photoshoot to be featured in the new “My Boulder” marketing campaign. I had walked to work and had put my nicer shoes in my backpack to change into. I was so excited to get started that I forgot to change and completed my first day in business casual… and chacos. Needless to say, running along the shoot on Pearl was much easier in my favorite pair of shoes. Life is too short for uncomfortable footwear!

Downtown districts, farmers markets, and community events have this fantastic power to unite people and to showcase their talents. I look forward to collaborating with multiple businesses and have their unique events and community come to life.

It’s great to have a positive environment to work in while developing new ideas, especially when the office doesn’t get mad at me for suggesting that the big box that a shipment came in would make the perfect size for a spaceship.

I’m excited to hear your story,

Anna Ogilvie

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