Smell the milk in the fridge before you drink it...

Posted on December 16, 2011

So every DBI intern in their last week has to write a blog about what they learned at their internship with Downtown Boulder.  Other than the great job/technical skills I’ve acquired (Citylight, web development, e-mail marketing, social media) I figured there were some more blog-worthy and/or special lessons to share.  I’ve been compiling a list for a week or so now, so don’t be surprised if some quirky office jokes have entered into my realm of learning:

1.      Using Tweet Deck makes you feel like an analyst at NASA #ForThoseOfUsWhoDontHaveAPhd

2.      Eli is half Jewish…sometimes.

3.      A good day for Downtown Boulder Gift Card sales can equal up to $10,000. Holy...Cow…

4.      As a subset of that, a lot of Boulder teachers get Downtown Boulder gift cards as their holiday present from the class (good choice).

5.      “Downtown Boulder, this is Lindsey” seems like an easy thing to say when you answer the phone.  But it’s actually really easy to mess up…I’m sorry.

6.      If it snows enough and the power goes out, you might just get a free latte from your boss. 

7.      Tweeting is harder than you think.  Clever, funny, and within the character limit!??! So stressful.

8.      “Pithy” means verbally concise and forceful expressive a.k.a. A great way to describe our downtown twitter account.  We did win a tweeting award B.T.W.

9.      Smell the milk in the fridge before you drink it.

10.  Lindsay’s Boulder Deli has the most impeccable veggie cream cheese you will ever experience.  (And the cashier has the cutest southern accent).

11.  Culture matters- If you like the people working around you, you’ll enjoy coming to work that much more (even if you don’t get paid!)

12.  Downtown Boulder puts on HUGE events and somehow I had no idea before this internship.  Fall Fest, Light up the Holidays and the Lights of December Parade were so much fun to be a part of and such cool events for the community. CU students…open your eyes!

13.  DBI offers an amazing resource for businesses.  Downtown Boulder is committed to bringing business to downtown and keeping the area clean and vibrant for everyone to enjoy.  I hope the town I end up in has some sort of organization such as DBI serving the community.  Especially if I was a business owner.  Helloooo….Free marketing!

14.  Downtown Business’s are full of amazing small town stories.  I learned that the owner and roaster at The Unseen Bean is actually blind and opened his own shop after being inspired by the smells and sounds of coffee roasting.  Take some time to talk to the person behind the counter after you grab your sandwich next lunch break…the history in this town is inspiring.

15.  There just isn’t a place in the world quite as quaint, beautiful, fun, plentiful, welcoming, animated, friendly, tasty, vibrant, breathtaking, or oh-so-special as Boulder, Colorado. 

My internship with Downtown Boulder was such a great supplement to my college experience.  I had the greatest opportunities to frolic around downtown and learn so much more about the town I was living in; as well as serve as a very knowledgeable resource on all of the fun happenings to my friends.  To my parent’s dismay, I may never want to leave!  Thank you to Eli and the rest of the DBI crew for all of your knowledge and support; I’ve learned so much!  It’s been a great couple months and I will miss you all dearly (probably not as much as you’ll miss me though).  I’m so thankful and blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity.  Sigh…. Signing off for good Boulder, it’s been real.   


P.S. If you want to ATTEMPT to fill these shoes…Eli is hiring a new Marketing and Communications intern.  Information on how to apply is located here.  I highly recommend it :)

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