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I love coffee. I need coffee. I also love attention, and being spoiled, and that's why I go to The Cup. There are plenty of great coffee places, but The Cup has got it right in so many ways. And since they just celebrated an anniversary, I'd like to give a little testimonial and shout-out to the prettiest cappuccinos I've ever had.

I remember it like yesterday...I wandered into The Cup almost three years ago for the first time. It was freezing and I was broke from a job I was pouring my heart, soul, and wallet into. I just wanted a little pick-me-up and a place to read some Capote, so I didn't have high expectations. But that's what you get from years of Starbucks coffee, I guess. Anyway, what I found was a warm crew of baristas, a friendly atmosphere, and a heart made of milk foam atop a perfect little cappuccino. I settled into my book and felt comfortable enough to stay there for over two hours. Refreshing, was what I needed to snap out of my funk.

Then, what started as a weekly tradition turned into an almost daily occurrence, during which the staff at The Cup began to introduce themselves and remember my order for next time. Pretty soon I found myself finishing one book and starting a new one in one sitting, ordering a drink or a turkey bagel sandwich with jalapeno habanero cream cheese (yum) just to prolong my time spent there. Now I take my crocheting or a crossword along too, or stop by on my way back from the Farmers Market to sit in the sun and people watch. Always relaxing and never taxing.

To The Cup: Thank you for providing an awesome venue to just be a Boulderite! And of course, for chocolate-covered espresso beans...


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