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No, we're not the City. We actually don't permit the mall, or give parking tickets, or even plant the tulips. We're the merchants' association (Downtown Boulder Inc. ) and the property owners association (the Business Improvement District).  What does that mean though? Basically we're a like a Chamber of Commerce on steroids for this 49 blocks we call Downtown Boulder. We make it a nicer Downtown. And cleaner. And safer too. And we do know who has the answer to whatever question you may have. But let's get one thing clear: we're not the City. If one more person, when I tell them where I work, says "Oh, the City." well, insanity may be my only plea.

We love the City though, we work with them every day and without their support, guidance and innovation we'd probably be leagues away from the standard of excellence we have today. We love Parking Services, Go Boulder, and all of the City departments. We also love the Parks department who does plant ALL those flowers, clear the tons of snow in winter, and keep the lights on and the water running on the Pearl Street Mall (which is actually a City Park). We love the County too, for their Art Deco Courthouse masterpiece and their wonderful lawn that provides a welcome refuge for a sunny day's lunch hour. But we're not the City.

And us, what do we do? Downtown Boulder? Well, we hang banners, we empty the trash, we clean the bathrooms, we run the information center, we put on events, we pay for extra police, we market Downtown, we remove graffiti, we put up free wireless, we host Santa and Munchkin Masquerade, we create visitor guides, we educate the public and our merchants, we run the website, we bring bands to  the bricks, we promote Boulder, we offer research and studies, we produce maps and directories, we put up the Christmas lights, we put on the ArtFair, we help your money stay local, we attract the best businesses to locate downtown, we hold contests, we sell gift cards, we make sure the streets and sidewalks are extra clean, we Twitter, we Facebook, we Foursquare, we provide a voice for the merchants, and we keep Downtown the vibrant heart of Boulder. But we're not the City.

So next time you meet me, or Terri, or Anna, or Sean, Dave, Sue, Matt, or any of our Ambassadors, or see the logo, or hear the name,  you'll know who we are. Cause we're there for you,  to make sure that this area remains the number one destination for visitors and locals. And to make sure that Downtown, in all it's beauty, remains a step above the rest as the place to eat, drink, shop, hang out and take in it's wonders on a daily basis. Cause we're Downtown Boulder.


- Eli

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