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I would consider myself a geek (see Venn diagram here)

Alright, alright...wipe off that feigned look of surprise. But just because I can quote Star Wars and I like math doesn't mean I'm not cool. Geeks are definitely cool...actually, they're awesome, and if you look around, you'll notice that they literally run this town.

And this week, geeks around the country are taking over Boulder at the First Annual Startup Week, hosted by local tech guru Andrew Hyde. Andrew has a crush on startups and I have a crush on Andrew Hyde. If you have a crush on either, or if you've ever blogged, hacked, designed, unlocked, developed, or entrepreneur-ized, then Startup Week is the place for you. Join smarty-pants from near and far for hikes and bikes, dev sessions and deals, and beers and beans. Tag along on a startup office crawl, tweet about a blog about a social media meetup, and battle to the death for your IPad. Or PCs.

There are a myriad of helpful, fun, informative events going on through this Saturday including Ignite Boulder, on Thursday evening. A sold out event, but for those of you lucky enough to partake, I hope to see you there! (I'll be wearing purple.)

And the best part is the freeness of the whole shebang. Because starting up can be rough in the financial's all free so just register ahead of time at the Boulder Startup site!

Follow the event on Twitter and Eventbrite and Plancast for more information and pass it on!


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