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First things first, let me introduce myself, I am one of the two lovely new Downtown Boulder interns for Spring 2015! My name is Chloe, and I’m originally a California girl. In 2011 I made the move to Boulder and I’ve been in love ever since. Now a senior at CU Boulder, I’ve had my fair share of authentic Colorado winters. Coming into my fourth snowy season, I’ve got the most basic winter “How To’s” down, like how to not slip on campus and the dire importance of layering. In realizing that winter was no longer going to be 75 degrees and sunny, I knew I needed to find a new and exciting way to workout indoors that actually worked (especially since Boulder has been voted one of the fittest cities in the country!). I decided to do some research, and here’s what I came up with:

BOCO fit was voted ‘Boulder’s Most Efficient Workout’ in 2013; so obviously, I had to look into it! The entire workout takes place in a studio, which is perfect when it’s below 30 degrees and snowing outside. The workout itself consists of a mixture of constant tension with slow controlled movements, as well as cardio and strength training. In other words, it’s a great way to burn a whole lot of calories in an appropriate amount of time rather than goofing off on the elliptical twice a week at the Rec Center and calling it your ‘workout’. Also, your first class is free, which means you really have no excuse but to get your fitness-loving self into the studio for at least one try. If, and when, you fall in love with BOCO fit, there are a bunch of different payment plans to choose from, which all can be found on their website.

We all know that in order to maintain that toned tummy, eating healthy on top of that sweaty workout is not just recommended, it’s mandatory. While looking at BOCO fit’s website, I noticed their partnership with Conscious Cleanse, another downtown Boulder based company that promotes the healthy lifestyle we all hope to maintain until bikini season rolls back around. Conscious Cleanse works with several downtown businesses including BOCO fit, Zeal Foods and Alfalfas! Here’s their mission statement:

“Conscious Cleanse hopes to provide simple ways to help you flourish in your own body so you can access true healing. Jules and Jo will call forth your vibrant self so that you can live your best life.”





It seems like Jules and Jo know what they’re talking about because not only do they uphold a stellar reputation, their success stories are a force to be reckon with. Now, here comes BOCO fit and Zeal Food's relationship with the key to a vibrant life. BOCO fit is helping promote the company's 14 day cleanse. Trust me, I know the word ‘cleanse’ is intimidating, but bear with me. Our girls, Jules and Jo, have introduced a four step process that will help in your journey to a smaller jean size. Along with these guidelines, you’re given an inspirational coach to keep you away from those cookies your roommate just whipped up and connections to others in the community going through the same process! Zeal Foods will also be there to support your Conscious Cleanse by offering what they're calling 'Food for Enthusiasts'. Zeal Chef's Arik and Wayde are striving to make their restaurant a haven for those actively participating in the cleanse. Sounds like a win, win, win if you ask me.

As I've come to realize, Boulderites love finding their zen. With this being said, if the cleanse challenge is not at all what you're interested in doing and BOCO fit's regime seems a bit too intense, look no further than Amana Yoga. This studio is special because they refer to themselves as a 'resource' to their students. They believe their purpose is to serve "the conscious explorers, the movers and the shakers, the ski bums and the vintage adventurers." Yoga goers on any level will find relaxation as well as a good workout within the studio walls of Amana, which could be a perfect fit for your 2015 Winter season. 

So don’t hesitate. Kick winter's butt and get yours in shape NOW!! I know you want to. 

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