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Posted on April 18, 2016

7th Annual Taste of Pearl Recap:

I don't know about rain, but the snow sure didn’t stop our Taste of Pearl extravaganza this past Sunday. Although we got off to a snowy start, Mother Nature seemed to get the whole “hey, it’s spring can we get some warmer weather up in here” memo as the day progressed. Fifteen of Pearl’s finest shops along with Boulder restaurants and Colorado Wineries put their best snowboot forward to showcase Boulder’s unique culinary arts scene. At the end of the event my fitbit tracked 20,000 steps and my camera totaled 75 pictures. Here’s the best of the best I captured this Sunday for those who attended; those who wished they could’ve but will next year; and those who are just curious about the event in general. Take a look at this year's Taste of Pearl through my personal recap of the day: 

Photo Highlights

I can’t think of any better way to start off this photo blog than a picture of the Pearl Street Mall’s famous tulips. These flowers are tough cookies to handle Colorado’s crazy weather and still look this beautiful doing it.

Japango showed their A-game this weekend by offering up marinated calamari with a Settembre Cellars Dry Rose wine pairing. In spite of the large number of plates that were being prepared, they impressed me with their level of professionalism, even with the littlest details.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle when you walk through the stores, but preparing food behind the scenes is a huge task to keep the day running smoothly for the restaurants. Check out the lengths Leaf's Vegetarian Restaurant went through to make sure no ticket holder was left unfed.

Art & Soul Gallery was a hit on Sunday, especially when it came to their wine partner Verso Cellars. Seems like I was running back and forth taking countless bottles to wine to check for them. If that’s not a red alert to check them out then I don't know what is.

Maybe it was the smell of the food prepared by Flagstaff Hose, or possibly my shopping addiction, but something in Starr's Clothing Co. store kept me coming back for more. (The final verdict is still TBD).

I think those bottles from Aspen Cellars have more metals on them then I ever won as a kid. (Do participation trophies count?) I guess they just must have had an award winning selection of wine (Ha. Get it? You can laugh now...)

I can't tell you how torturous it was to watch all of these chefs prepare their food and not be able to try it **cue sad puppy dog eyes**. Seeing Jill's Restaurant load up their plates was enough to make me start drooling. But I snuck in a bite or two at the end, (don't tell my boss!!)

Please, indulge me, what could be classier than sipping on wine and shopping at high end retailers? NOTHING. That’s what. Next question please.

Sorry one more... I started my blog out with a tulip picture so it only felt right to end it with one. "Snow, shmow", the flowers are here to stay.

Forty-Five of the best-of-the-best came out Sunday to cook/serve/pour their hearts out and all 45 went home winners. It’s hard to play favorites when each participant is so unique to the Downtown Boulder vibe. So cheers to the hosts, the restaurants, the wineries, the volunteers, and the staff, not to mention everyone who came out for this event. I don't even think I need to ask you if I’ll see you next year because I know I will. So I’ll say it as a statement, see you next year for the 8th annual Taste of Pearl!

Until next time,

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