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Posted on April 29, 2015

The day has finally come for me to say goodbye to this incredible internship. As a student and lover of all things Boulder, I can't think of a better way to have spent my semester than exploring Pearl Street and all that downtown has to offer. In typical Danielle fashion, I've made a list of the top 10 things I've learned from my time here. Get ready friends, it's almost last list.....

10) A small office setting is awesome! It's so nice to chat with my boss about the latest happening downtown or who's running to get us lunch today or even sharing an adorable puppy video without having to leave my comfy chair!

9) I'm practically a pro at transcribing interviews thanks to my quick typing skills. I can finally tell my dad that all those "Learn to Type" computer programs paid off! 

8) Once I turn 21 (T-minus 71 days...get ready Boulder), the Downtown Boulder Happy Hour Guide will be my bible.

7) There are some AMAZING restaurants here! Although Chloe and I didn't accomplish our goal of eating lunch at every restaurant downtown, some of our favorites were LYFE Kitchen, T/ACO, and West End Tavern

6) Regardless of what we're doing or where we're going, I will always stop to pet a dog, like in my Love The Locals interview with Zeal Optics (view embarrassing picture of me petting a dog here).

5) EVERY HOUR is coffee hour! Special shoutout to Starbucks and Woody Creek for getting me through the day. Yes, I've already established that I have a caffeine addiction....

4) Working here is dangerous for my wallet. There so many amazing stores and restaurants, I can't resist!

3) On a similar note, my "Downtown on a Dime" blog series (please read them here and here....there's a third one on the way too!) has taught me it IS possible to dine, shop, and have fun in Boulder on a college budget.

2) I will always shop small! It's so incredible to see how passionate and hard working the independent business owners of Boulder are. It's truly inspiring!

1) Lastly, I'm in no way ready to leave this incredible city. Thank goodness I have one more year left! :)

This spring semester has been absolutely incredible, but it wouldn't haven been possible without all the support and the laughs of the Downtown Boulder Team! Thanks for taking a chance on a bright-eyed, caffeine-addicted, journalism-loving college girl! With all these fantastic new experiences, I'm ready to take on senior year. :)

Until next time! 



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