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Posted on October 19, 2012

Downtown Boulder’s Newest Model

When I first started working at Downtown Boulder I read through the previous intern’s blog posts to get a feel of how I should be writing blog posts.  When I read Madalyn’s comment about having to model for Fashion’s Night Out on her second day of work I immediately hoped I would not be asked to model.  But only three weeks into my internship Taylor turned to me and asked if I would model in dinning pictures for Downtown Boulder’s website.  Unfortunately I hadn’t escaped the job of modeling as I had hoped. 

But I am here to tell you that if you’re ever an intern and asked to be a model for Downtown Boulder do it! You will receive some great perks, learn some interesting things, and have a little fun. 

The best perk had to be getting to eat yummy food and drinking The Rio's Strawberry/Mango margaritas for free!  As a college student who wouldn’t love free food?

Next, among the snapshots I learned a lot about the other Downtown employees.  Such as the adorable stories of how they met their significant others.  Nothing like employees bonding!

Lastly, posing candidly and laughing on command can get a little awkward.  But doing it along side my fellow Downtown Boulder employees turned out to be an enjoyable experience full of a lot of genuine laughs.

So keep checking the Downtown Boulder website and look for my big debut as a model!

-           Rebecca (intern)

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