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Posted on February 17, 2012

In case you didn’t know, the Boulder International Film Festival is happening. Right now. There are celebrities among us! Although that is not really the part that I am so excited about. You see, there are two breeds of film buffs: The Expressers and the Hiders. The Expressers have extensive film knowledge and could tell you the director and producer just by smelling the DVD case. They are commonly found at film festivals wearing a black beret and schmoozing with the big leagues. You could say they have made a film or two, but that would be an understatement. They would refer to those one or two films as masterpieces. The Hiders may or may not have equally impressive film knowledge, but they definitely have an appreciation for quality cinema. They are often found in their living rooms with a laptop projecting the latest thing from Netflix. Chances are they will not be wearing the black beret, but you never know. Their film credits include brief moments of their friends making regrettable decisions, and hours of labor poured into the editing process to make the film just right. I am the latter. A hider of knowledge, but a lover of the process. BIFF has been a bucket-list item of mine for three years, and now the time has come to cross it off.

The ever-growing BIFF is in its 8th season now, filling four days with more thought-provoking films and star studded mingling then possible at any other point in the Boulder calendar year. What makes this particular film festival so sought after is the increasing magnitude of talents that are showcased each year. New feature films, like “Darling Companion” with Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline, and “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” starring Jason Segal and Ed Helms are set to premier along with national and global documentaries, hilarious and honest short films, forums so you can ask questions to the respective directors and producers, and a number of workshops for you to learn more from the professionals themselves.

Another segment of BIFF is the “A Conversation With…” series. This is where two prominent individuals in the film world share insight into their careers and receive a distinguished award. This year’s esteemed individuals include William H. Macy and Martin Sheen. They are both award-winning actors who have proven themselves worthy of BIFF’s highest recognition.

As if BIFF wasn't already sounding incredible, when you’re looking through the 2012 program, you’ll notice a section called “Call2Action” where you can find the movies that will inspire you and then the places where you can best guide that new found inspiration. These thirteen documentaries (and one feature film) will have you all riled up and ready to start a bake sale. The topics have something for everyone including environmental activism, politics, animals, religion, and unseen global strife.

If you aren’t fired up about going to BIFF yet, then I challenge you to walk around downtown at some point this weekend and feel the energy yourself. This is a unique time when the Expressers and the Hiders have a chance to meet and maybe feel inspired to don the black berets together. Here’s to a new breed of film buffs: The BIFF buffs.


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