Three More Days to Vote For Boulder Fiber!!!

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If you haven't heard about Google Fiber yet, you're living under a rock and it really doesn't pertain to you. Otherwise, you know that Google is looking for a test city for its experimental ultra-fast broadband internet. Google is encouraging cities to vote for themselves in a race to host a trial connection. Since Boulder is already the happiest, fittest, and smartest city in America, it only seems fit that it would also be the fastest. And with estimated connection speeds of one gigabit per second, the Fiber project is darn fast.

That means you would be downloading movies, reading about the nude Boulder gardener, uploading photos and checking Facebook one hundred times faster than you are now.

Holy mackerel! But here's the deal--you have to get online and fill out a nomination form before the end of March 26th. But it's a piece of cake, I promise! Boulder Fiber Forever has laid out all the steps for interested individuals and it only takes five minutes (which is like three seconds in Google Fiber time...).

Duzer did it, so you can too! Come on kids, rally--we can't let those Highlands Ranchites beat us out; my dad would never let me hear the end of it.


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