'Tis the season for holiday parties...

Posted on December 9, 2011

As a kid, holiday parties were always such a riot.  Everyone was so happy…laughing and getting along. (It must be the magic of Christmas right?) But then you grow up, discover alcohol, and realize the magic of Christmas was really just being served in the “grown up drinks.”  Now that I’ll finally be enjoying the grown-up drinks at this year’s holiday parties, I have to wonder, how “happy” is acceptable at work and school functions?  This lovely diagram created by the nymag.com blog “Grub Street” is a clever resource that I suggest you crumple into your suit pocket and use for reference.   Unfortunately, I happen to fall in the toddler section where even if you work for a cool company, you’re still only allowed one glass of vino chased with some cheap beer (Interns can’t afford Corona yet). 

So whether you enjoy 1 tequila, 2 tequilas, 3 tequilas, or the floor at your staff mixer this year, at least do it in style at a hip Downtown Boulder venue.  Because, trust me, our business owners are just dying to host you and your office buddies, watch you play spin the bottle like a teenager and dance to some Snoop Dog with a lamp shade on your head.  So much so that we even had to make a webpage of the countless holiday party rental options. 

Last night one of my business school classes had a holiday party at Bacaro.  They have a bunch of different sized rooms available.  (My roommates and I are having our graduation party on their rooftop in May!)  Apparently the diagram above doesn’t apply to school functions where you’re taking tequila shots with your professor.   #ilovecollege

Some other boozy spots include Posh (paint and drink, so much fun!) and The Bitter Bar.  Check out all the deets here.

Happy Holidays!  Keep it classy Boulder…


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