"Today Was a Good Day"

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Yes Mr. Cube, today was a good day. Today kicked off my second week with Downtown Boulder and I'm so happy that week one is over with. Let me share with you some of the things that I learned during my first week with DBI:

1.) When someone tells you to "save" your work... you save it. Otherwise, you'll finish your first masterpiece blog post, link nearly twenty websites, tags and images -- then somehow manage to completely freeze your computer screen, losing your masterpiece and about two hours out of your day. I mean who does that anyway? (Lesson learned).

2.) If you have any outstanding parking tickets, don't park your car anywhere near downtown Boulder. It's just not a good idea. The City of Boulder Parking Services people will find you. It's like they can smell a fugitive car from a mile away. My fugitive car was parked undercover on the corner of Thirteenth and Pine on Thursday morning, and by Thursday afternoon... well, it wasn't anymore. Pay your parking tickets people!

3.) Marv's Towing only accepts cash. Not checks, not credit cards... just cash. And if you don't have cash, you have to make the ten minute walk over to the Courtyard Marriot where you can use your credit card to get cash from the ATM. Here is where I would like to give a little shout out to the employees at the Courtyard Marriot. Thanks guys, for not judging the soaking wet girl trudging around your hotel in muddy shoes and runny mascara. I really appreciate it.

4.) And lastly, Murphy's Law is real. Anything that can possibly go wrong, probably will. Like after you retype your lost blog, and fix all of the links, and get a ride from the Director of Marketing and Communications (thanks Terri) at your new internship to the towing company to pick up your car that the City of Boulder impounded... it will probably start snowing. Really hard. Like, super big, wet flakes. Then you'll probably have to walk outside in the super big, wet snow flakes along a street without a sidewalk in a pair of super awesome new, cute boots,  across a really busy street to a hotel where you'll have to pull a hundred-dollars out of an ATM machine to take back across the super busy street where cars are splashing water and mud on you,  to give to the super scary lady behind the desk at the towing company. From now on, when one thing goes wrong in my world, I'm giving up, going home and hiding under the covers. Lesson learned.

So here's to a brand new week. Things are lookin' up. Oh, and P.S.- did anyone hear that Ice Cube himself will be playing the Boulder Theater on February 26th? I know right? No joke. Great news, and a good start to the week. I gotta say, today was a good day.



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