Tube to Work Day: Not the Typical Commute

Posted on July 14, 2016

By the end of the work week, most people aren't exactly thrilled about getting up early to start their commute. That's not the case during Boulder's 9th Annual Tube to Work Day!  Adorned with wetsuits, helmets, blazers, ties, briefcases, and a few go-pros for good measure, hundreds of residents commuted down the Boulder Creek to downtown Boulder. Spectators and participants alike cheer on each other as they dodge rocks, give out high fives and try to make it downtown all in one piece. Going on it's 9th year, Tube to Work Day has become a quintessential  part of the Boulder summer. It originated in 2008 with two friends tubing to work and has grown exponentially in popularity ever since. Catch your business (or friends) below and share their best #tubeface

Suited up and ready to go!

This guy was not going to let the donut get away, a new #TubetoWorkDay classic!

Tubing is better going downhill with friends.

She came prepared with her coffee, but had no idea she'd snag a donut!

We're guessing he must usually bicycle to work as this tuber had a tag a long with two wheels.

Our orange wigged friend embodies the true spirit of "funk" this Tube to Work Day.

And finally, the true heroes of Tube to Work Day. Propped up on a bridge, these two dangled cans of beer, donuts, and other snacks over the edge for tubers below.

I've never had more fun celebrating a commute to work!
(PS. See more fun Tube to Work Day photos HERE)

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