Tuesday Finally Gets Justice

Posted on February 21, 2012

Commonly overlooked as just another day of the week that isn’t Friday, Tuesdays are put on the back burner of weekday fun. Mondays will never be fun, because...well, it’s Monday. Wednesdays merit some appreciation because it is the mid-week marker. Thursdays apparently are the new Fridays if you live in a college town. And Fridays are the golden beacon of light, summoning us from the dreaded Monday. But Friday has some competition this week, as Tuesday decides to have a bigger celebration of who-knows-what than all the Fridays combined.

Yes folks, Mardi Gras is here. I remember this being the one and only day of high school French class that Madame would put down the livres and let us party (if we brought all the goodies and spoke French the whole time, of course). It may have been a quiet party, but we looked forward to it more than the Spanish classes ever looked forward to Cinco de Mayo. Because Madame could never let us just have a party without learning something, we were taught a few fun facts that I will never forget:  1. If you find a small plastic baby inside your piece of cake, then you are a winner. 2. You can never have too many feathers on your mask. 3. If someone gives you beads, run away. 4. And Easter and Lent are approaching, so you should do gluttonous things before you have to give them up.

We all know that New Orleans is the place to be on this cake eating, feathery, bead giving, and gluttonous day, but Boulder can hold its own. Several restaurants are putting together incredible menus to make Tuesday your newest favorite day of the week. Allow me to get your mouth watering: Jax Fish House is going all out with fresh cuisine and drinks inspired by the Gulf side city of New Orleans. Fried oysters, crawfish boil, and the famous Louisiana king cake are a few delicious treats to be expected. The West End Tavern and Centro Latin Kitchen are also feeling the festivities by offering many drink and food specials. We’re talking red beans and dirty rice, gumbo, cornbread, crawfish, and blackened shrimp. And on the other side of Pearl Street, Foolish Craig’s is bringing their A-game with not only appropriately themed decor, but corn-fried catfish, Jambalaya, and blackened chicken and grits. Oh wow, I just got real hungry.  And since Mardi Gras isn’t really Mardi Gras without Hurricanes, be sure to make your way to the Walrus Saloon and Boulder Absinthe House for incredible drink specials.

While nothing says get crazy like finding a plastic baby in a piece of cake, Mardi Gras finally brings Tuesday the attention it deserves. So, if you choose to join the fun downtown tonight, I encourage you to run away from the beads, drink many Hurricanes, eat too much gumbo, and see if you can hold a believable Cajun accent the whole night.  Bon Appetite!


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