Tulip Frenzy

Posted on April 26, 2015

Anyone who has been down to the Pearl Street Mall in the past couple of weeks or so has definitely noticed the upgrade to the planters along the bricks: tulips. It’s the time of year when Boulder becomes home to thousands of carefully planted and vibrantly colorful tulips. If you’re like me and have wondered where and why these gorgeous flowers magically appear every April, keep reading...

Since the mid 80s, the City's Parks & Recreation staff has been working directly with a good friend in the Netherlands to make this annual display a yearly tradition. 15,000 (yes, 15,000) bulbs are imported every year from Holland during the spring and summer seasons to be planted along Pearl Street. That’s a lot of bulbs.

To give you a glimpse as to what all the hype is about, I took a stroll down the mall. Here are some of my favorite photos!

This group screamed 'luscious' to me! I ended up taking about 40 pictures of them on my iPhone. If you're in need of an Instagram post, find this picture spot right outside of Steve Madden!

Interestingly enough, these tulips are planted in a pot that's taller than I am! Check out the massive pot yourself; right in front of American Apparel!

I spotted this multi-colored group while eating my California Roll on the patio at Hapa. I highly recommend you do the same!

prAna is lucky enough to have this pink and yellow display right outside their door! If you're in need for some new workout clothes, why not enjoy the view while you shop!

Maybe I'm bias because yellow is my favorite color, but I could not take my eyes of this one! Go find it for yourself, right outside of Ku Cha House of Tea!



What could be more gorgeous than a white tulip? These bad boys are located right outside of the Lazy Dog. A perfect spot for Graduation photos after some drinks and wings at the bar!


If you haven't already, make sure to take a trip down to Pearl Street to see these amazing flowers! They won't be here forever and I'd hate for you to miss them.

xx Chloe

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