Posted on December 3, 2010

It's no secret that I love my couch, I probably spend more time with it  than I do either of the roommates. I do however, on occasion, pry myself off the couch and try to do something active.

Since I have started living in Boulder I care more about organic food, and I now own an alpaca sweater and hippie shoes. You would think that Boulder would have rubbed off on me in the athletic department. After all, Boulder was named one of the best running cities in America and best cities for outdoor enthusiasts within the past year.

I have never EVER been described as athletic. In fact when I was in middle school I worked out a deal with Peter, one the most well-known athletes, that he could play for me every time I was up to play whatever team sport our gym teacher was forcing us to take part in that day. That way I would spend the whole period sitting on the bleachers and Peter the athlete would get to play the whole time, it was a win-win situation.

Everyone in elementary school was on a soccer team at one point or another, but not me. I just didn't understand the appeal.  I never had fun and would just end up sweaty and tired by the end of game. So let's just say that sports were never my cup of tea.

I didn't realize exactly how out of shape I was until last spring break when I went biking with my dad. You know you need to do something about the situation when your 50-something father has to stop and wait for you to catch up.

Now I understand that it is important to exercise and all, but I must be honest, I don't enjoy it. I never did understand those people who go crazy if they miss a day at the gym.

I do try though...honestly.  This last summer I invested in some nice running shoes and started jogging every evening along Boulder Creek. I realized if I was going to own a pair of expensive running shoes (Pedestrian Shops, Shoe Fly, Boulder Army Store). I better use them. It probably wasn't necessary that I bought nice running shoes, a pair from target would have saved me a lot of money. I don't draw my inspiratation from wanting to be healthier or trying to lose weight, but from my over priced running shoes.

After a couple weeks I was able to run a full mile without stopping and wheezing (no I don't smoke, I am just extremely out of shape). I know that pales in comparison to the daily eight miles so many other Boulderites do, but hey you have to start somewhere.

So now I run my whole one mile a few times a week. Maybe all I need is some new workout clothes from Outdoor Divas or Patagonia and I'll be running five miles and climbing fourteeners.

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