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Posted on April 8, 2011

The past few months have brought some amazing new businesses to Downtown Boulder, including an addition to the Frasca franchise, a sinful, and dangerously located Steve Madden store, the sister spin-off of Ozo Coffee and a new restaurant best known for it's fried chicken (The Pinyon).  All of these new additions to and around "the bricks" add delicious depth to Boulder's culinary scene as well as a stylish depth to shoe closets throughout the area. (Author's Note: The average Boulder woman's closet typically consists of: 3/4 specialty outdoor shoes (climbing, hiking, biking, and running shoes-- or in my case, softball cleats) to 1/4 function shoes [from 'functioning' birkenstocks and danskos -- to 'for a function' stilettos, pumps and wedges]. Rest easy-- all of these shoes co-mingle safely in this environment).

While all of the new additions are thriving and earning a lot of accolades and great local and national press-- one recent Downtown Boulder addition has been slyly flying under the radar since opening in the West End three weeks ago.

Piece, Love & Chocolate is one of those quaint shops that you can't help but stop in when strolling along Pearl Streets often forgotten West End neighborhood. It's the kind of shop with the kind of owner that welcomes you at the door-- in a sleek black apron with hints of the morning's creations speckled on the front; and it's the kind of shop that a customer rarely leaves without making a purchase. Piece, Love & Chocolate is the brain-child of self-proclaimed, "Madame Chocolat", Sarah Amorese, a Professional Chocolatier and Pastry Chef. Sarah's vision is backed by a team of friendly, hard-working, inviting women and one temperamental rotating display case. The shop is home to a beautifully adorned displays, full of the any kind of chocolate that you could imagine; shaped into playful animals, yummy truffles and beautifully decorated tortes and cakes. There's definitely a little something for everything in the store, including a selection of hot chocolate and coffee beverages, chocolate spa items created exclusively for PLC, and cute gifts and special occasion cards adorned with sweet recipes.

Now what I'm about to say, may come as a bit of a shock to you. I... don't like chocolate. White-chocolate is pretty tolerable, but any other item that falls in the chocolate family--isn't really my idea of a good time. So why write a blog post about a chocolate shop? because it's not just the products being sold within a shop that intrigues me. It's the inviting atmosphere, the warm and smiley staff, eager for me to sample the the concoctions that they are so proud of, and the idea that girl-power and DIY small business models are still thriving to this day.

The official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is set for Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. Be there... or be really jealous of all of the other people that attend.

Happy sugar coma-ing Boulder. May Piece, Love & Chocolate be with you all.


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