Welcome To The Neighborhood!

Posted on October 1, 2013

I would like to give a warm welcome to the newest members of our neighborhood: Cedar & Hyde and Fjällräven. It’s always very exciting to have some new kids on the block with fresh styles. I just went in today to check out these new hot spots and I must say these are some keepers. With winter right around the corner you’ve gotta check them out.

Cedar & Hyde is a modern day mercantile shop with apparel, home goods, market jewelry, artisanal crafts and beauty products for men, women and children. This super chique shop has what you need for stocking stuffers, birthday gifts and even a new outfit. Check out the instagram from my visit today to see if there is anything attracting your wandering eye, or visit them on October 12th for their grand opening!

As for Fjällräven, Boulder could not have asked for more.  This Swedish born shop will provide you Boulderites with timeless outdoor equipment to keep you warm this winter. They have it all for women, men and children. Just popped in the shop today and looks like they are having a sample sale until their grand opening October 19th. Hustle on in because the prices are unreal. I am currently awaiting 5 o’clock so I can go pick up my new winter coat!

Now is the time to purchase some new winter fashion especially with rumors of snow on Friday! But let’s be honest, when is it not a good time shop? …That’s what I thought. Hurry on in and check out our newest additions!

Happy Fall!

~Taylor (the intern)

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