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Posted on May 24, 2012

People generally begin to question their life when they take on an unpaid internship. They doubt their ability to be a contributing citizen and wonder what sort of idiot would take a job where there is no monetary compensation. I too, began this ponderous process when I started my internship here, but the negative thoughts did not last long as I was learning more than I could keep up with in matter of minutes. Not only was I maintaining a website, but I was learning all about the downtown of a place I have only ever referred to as my college town. Families live in Boulder, whaaat? There are streets beyond Pearl? No way…

After almost five months of updating events, transferring calls, carrying armfuls of envelope to the mailbox, and pinning anything and everything to Pinterest, my time with Downtown Boulder is complete. I have learned many things and met many amazing people, so now is my turn to pass the torch and share a few nuggets of knowledge:

1. Spelling is harder than you think.

Take “Boulder” for example: If you type it as often as we do, then you’ll find yourself with any variation of bouldwer, bouleer, BOudler, bounelr, or B Oulber. Also, “restaurant” is tricky and no matter how slow I type it out, the squiggly red line is the always there to patronize.

2. Don’t seal an envelope and then try to run it through the postage meter.

Chances are, it is too big to slide through and you will have to redo everything. This might not sound like a big deal, but if you had to shove twelve gifts cards in an envelope and use every form of adhesive in the office to seal the dang thing, then you might be distraught as well.

3. Save EVERYTHING. Twice

There is nothing worse than putting the final period on your blog masterpiece and hitting “close” instead of “minimize”. It’s like watching the person in front of you order the last chocolate croissant. You can do nothing but let your jaw drop and make an inaudible whimpering sound.

4. An apple a day makes you live forever

If you have ever met Dave or have been in our office at “apple thirty”, then you will understand that his habit of eating an apple everyday (and sharing it) is the secret to the fountain of boundless energy and eternal youth.

5. Social media is bigger than Facebook

I may not have a smartphone (I know, I know), but that doesn’t mean I’m out of the loop. Pinterest blew up the social media world this year and I made sure we were part of the action. I also learned that you should never leave out your personal signature when tweeting, because people will think Eli is attending hula hoop lessons at Shine when he is actually out of town.

Lessons were learned and among many other incredible things, I got to write hilarious blogs, create mega layers in Photoshop, rearrange things in our newsletter, pretend I could work the fancy camera at events, stroll the mall with purpose in the middle of the day, direct people to stores without a second guess on their location, and manage an iPad with the cool confidence of a Boulder techie.

Thank you Downtown Boulder for trusting the Communication graduate without an iPhone to be a beneficial member to your phenomenal team. I will do you proud in the real world and will come back for ice cream any time.


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