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Although this documentary came out in 2009, I saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago in my Corporate Social Responsibility class at CU.  I managed to hold back tears, but I couldn’t keep my jaw from dropping.  Could this really be true?!  I figured it had to be just one side of the story (as most documentaries are) and quickly consulted a family friend who works as a dietitian.  To my dismay, she confirmed that the information presented was absolutely true and how unfortunate it is that big business has done this to what we put in our bodies.  The healthiest way to go is to buy organic.  But what exactly does that mean? And what about going out to eat?  Can I expect restaurants to adopt the same views as me in regards to eating organic?

After a little more research, (and some shopping changes!) I realized that Boulder is the best place to be if you’re searching for organic options.  In fact, there are tons of farm-to-table restaurants located here in downtown and even more that source their food locally and safely.  Here are just a few of the many dining options that you can feel great about enjoying downtown:

1. Black Cat Organic Restaurant and Farm
Chef Eric Stokan created an organic farm located just outside the city to supply his restaurant with “just picked” products.  Every day the staff harvests food that inspires an ever changing menu.  You can also visit the Black Cat tent at the Boulder County Farmers Market every Saturday!

2.  The Kitchen (Next Door, and Upstairs as well)
The Kitchen was featured in the September issue of Entrepreneur magazine for their efforts in the organic movement.  The idea behind the creation of The Kitchen “was to source food from people they knew and serve it to people they knew. ”  Most of The Kitchen’s suppliers are local (displayed on chalkboards in the restaurant).  See their full list here

3.  SALT
SALT uses product from Boulder County whenever possible.  They believe, “The philosophy at SALT is simple; a belief that the best food travels the shortest distance from farm to table, that menus should change with the seasons…”  Much of the produce you see at the Farmers Market you could go enjoy at SALT that night for dinner.  A full list of SALT’s farms is available here

4. Aji, Leaf and the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
Owned by the same family, Lenny and Sara Martinelli purchased a 10-acre farm in Lafayette in Spring 2011.  They named it Three Leaf Farm, after their three children.  Three Leaf supplies product to all of their restaurants!

So, go out to eat in downtown Boulder and don’t worry about the nightmare that is Food Inc.  These are ONLY A FEW of the stops downtown that care about serving healthy, organic options.  Now, I can sleep at night. 

P.S. Local Table Tours offers a market-to-table dining tour of Downtown Boulder.  How perfect ;)


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