A variety of food vendors will be onsite with food for purchase at the festival. 


At Community Table Kitchen we not only provide access to nutritious meals to hungry, low income individuals and families, we provide jobs and job training for participants in our Ready to Work program. As a social enterprise, Community Table Kitchen generates revenue to create jobs and support our mission through wholesale production contracts with local food brands, as a caterer, and café operator.


Cuban inspired fare will tantalize all of your taste buds. Come see why everyone is talking about! Cuban fusion is the best food in town!


Lazo Empanadas is on a mission to create empanada fanatics everywhere – beginning with you! Our premium, savory pastries are lovingly handcrafted to enjoy as a snack or a meal.  


Simply put, Super Heady Tacos is dedicated to the pursuit of the headiest taco. Based out of Boulder, Colorado, we are a fun loving family of taco slingers changing the world one taco at a time. We offer the most delicious and nutritious food served at mind-numbing speeds! All tacos are gluten and dairy free and cooked fresh on site with a smile and in style. Our tacos are simple and delicious, highlighting local food from the beautiful state of Colorado. A sample of our menu consists of Green Chilies and Chicken, Pork Al Pastor, Vegan Kale Salad, as well as our speciality Thunder and Lightning Tacos - your preference of meat topped with a generous splash of our Kale Salad. All tacos are served on a warm Colorado corn tortilla and are topped with cilantro, onions, and a fresh avocado tomatillo salsa.


Mobile Jamaican food trailer serving authentic Jamaican Jerk chicken, Jerk shrimp, Lobster, pork and steak tacos and quesadillas. You can find them on Instragram @rickys_island_cafe.


Southern inspired and Colorado perfected BBQ, using only premium meats and smoke with a blend of Hickory, Apple and Cherry woods. Still Smokin serves meat naturally smoked with the sauce on the side. Choose from a selection of five homemade sauces to pair with each of our fusion BBQ dishes.  


Delicious farm to table style food, vibrant flavors and no trade-offs.