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  • Sunday, Jan 31, 2016 2 pm


  Boulder Book Store - 1107 Pearl St

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Join us for an afternoon of readings and discussions with local authors Stephanie Kay Bendel, author of Exit the Labyrinth, and Johnny Welsh, author of Weedgalized in Colorado, on Sunday, January 31st at *2:00pm*. About the Books: Stephanie Kay Bendel, author of Exit the Labyrinth Most people do not have many memories of their earliest years, a phenomenon called early childhood amnesia. Traumas experienced during this time can have emotional effects lasting into adulthood and are especially difficult to treat. Exit the Labyrinth is the true story of one woman's search for the cause of lifelong depression. Johnny Welsh, author of Weedgalized in Colorado Pot became legal in Colorado in 2014, and people couldn't stop talking about it. Specifically, in the heart of Colorado ski country, everyone was talking to bartender Johnny Welsh. Here are the true tales of legalization, including outrageous characters, inventive businesses, laid-back budtenders, cannabis controversies, and tourism booms and busts. This is a FREE event, open to everybody!