949 Walnut St
Suite B
Boulder, CO 80302
Telephone: (303) 442-0192

CATEGORIES: Education | Health / Fitness / Personal Care | The West End

Amana Yoga, downtown Boulder's greatest resource: master the art of slowing down! Our eclectic class offerings and intimate class sizes allow you to experience a mind-body connection that will transcend into your daily life. By adopting a regular yoga practice with our expert teachers, you will begin to access your full potential in each and every moment- with ease. We offer a full spectrum approach to the yoga practice: asana practice (physical), meditation (energetic), and lecture/brain breaks (intellectual)- helping you to adopt a sustainable practice. Our dynamic class offerings will leave you feeling balanced, centered, focused, embodying a sense of wellbeing throughout every interface.

Relax with founder Alia in her My Boulder Itinerary!

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