Downtown Boulder Holiday Parking Angels

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Downtown Boulder’s Holiday Parking Angels

Ambassadors bring some holiday cheer to on street parkers throughout downtown

BOULDER, CO, December 15, 2011 - Parking "angels" have been out and about the past three Saturdays in downtown Boulder.  Some visitors pulling up to on street parking have been greeted by the angels (aka Downtown Boulder Ambassadors) who are randomly walking throughout the district giving away five parking tokens (an hour worth of parking) as well as reminding on-street parkers about the city’s garages by handing out a coupon for a free hour of parking in the City of Boulder’s 15th & Pearl and St Julien parking garages.   The ambassadors have also been purchasing a few additional minutes of time for on street parkers whose time receipt is about to expire.

For the third year in row, the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District has partnered with the City of Boulder Parking Services to offer this holiday incentive.  “It’s the perfect time of the year to remind visitors that downtown has a variety of convenient parking options,” said Terri Takata-Smith, Downtown Boulder’s director of marketing & communications.   “We are always looking for opportunities to promote the City of Boulder’s parking garages and the fact that they are free every Saturday and Sunday year round.   In particular, we want to encourage people to utilize the city’s garages at 15th and Pearl and the St Julien where there are over 1240 parking spaces available!” Takata-Smith says the parking angels will be roaming around downtown again this coming Saturday, December 17.  

"A simple gesture, like feeding parking meters (pay stations) is a great opportunity to educate the public on parking within the district,” said Donna Jobert, City of Boulder financial manger.  “In addition to the parking angels, we’ve also given retailers & restaurants a stack of one hour free parking coupons to distribute to their customers.”
The City of Boulder operates five parking garages in the downtown district as well as four parking lots.   Information about the city’s garages and lots can be found online at

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