Art + Soul Gallery

Owner: Debbie Klein
Opened: August 2000

"I've always worked on Pearl Street since I moved to Boulder in 1993. I managed the Arts & Crafts Co-op for a while and worked at a couple of downtown galleries. I felt like downtown was the place to be. It's where the tourists come, it's where the locals hang out, and it's where the best of everything is."

"My interest in art goes way back. I love making that connection with people by finding them the right piece of jewelry or art. When you find the perfect match, it is heartfelt and exciting!"

(Pictured with customer service rep, Harry Winston)
"I feel like it's a privilege to be able to bring this art to our community. It's beauty, it's fun, and it brings pleasure to people."

"I love being on the East End because I love the accessibility. I think that people drive in to Pearl from the East End. The traffic has picked up tremendously since we opened and so has the variety of shops and restaurants."

"I just got married in June outside of Aspen. My now husband owns the Gondolier (Italian restaurant). I met him when the restaurant was located across the street from us. I kept going in for lunch because I thought he was cute. It took about 3 years but then we started dating. It's a Pearl Street romance."

"My weakness is Two Sole Sisters. I have a bit of a shoe and bag obssession. The store calls me. I know I'm always going to find something unique, different and comfortable."

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