Barbara & Company

Owner: Kathy King
Opened: 2008

"My mother always made all of my clothes so I started making clothes too. We'd pull out pictures from magazines to use as patterns."

"Earlier in my career, I bought for a lot of big department stores and I had always wanted to be a buyer. What could be more fun than buying clothes all the time?"

"Barbara and I had known each other for many years. About a year after I started working at the store, Barbara said that she was going to retire, and offered to let me buy the store. The choice was pretty clear but it was something that I had never thought about doing."

"I had never owned a business before. It was definitely scary. I had a lot of really good people to help me which is important."

"Sometimes it's hard to see the bigger picture as a small business owner. I learned that you can't dwell on each individual day and what happens that day. There is a much bigger picture."

"Colorado is the best state to live in and this is the most beautiful area. The thing that I've always loved about Boulder is the proximity to the Flatirons. You're right here and they're right there. There aren't a lot of places that are like that."

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Downtown Boulder/1942 Broadway, Suite 301/Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303.449.3774/Fax: 303.449.1582