Cured and Cured West

Owner: Will and Coral Frischkorn
Cured Opened: August 2010
Cured West Opened: November 2015

"We schemed. We wanted one word. Something strong. Something that conveyed what we are doing. Most of the core products of our shop, wine, beer, cheese. They are all things that have been cured, fermented and aged... so Cured became the name."

"Cured West is only 10 blocks away from Cured. The goal is to offer something quick, easy, and delicious for the West End. In three minutes you can grab your lunch, a couple of things to take home from dinner - some great cheese and charcuterie, a gourmet chocolate bar, a baguette, and you're set!"

(pictured at the original Cured - on the East End)

"With all of these amazing ingredients at hand, despite our love of cooking, we seem to have become expert assemblers. A plate of cheese and salami, a big salad, fresh bread with a great olive oil, and a bottle of wine is our everyday dinner at home."

"Somebody asked us ‘is it your business model that you always share a space with somebody else?’. It’s not necessarily that but it’s just how it works out. I think it’s so wonderful to bring different energies, vibes, and cultures into the same space."
(Cured shares the East End space with Boxcar Coffee Roasters and Cured West shares the West End space with Fawns Leap Botanical Arts)

"We’re so excited to take something successful that Boulder has really loved and be able to expand that within the same town. It’s something that we’ve dreamt about being able to do. We so appreciate being a part of this community."

(pictured at the original Cured)

How do you guys balance two businesses with family and everything else?
"We think about how not to sleep." - Will
"Our son, Holden, has his own sandwich on the menu now. At a year and a half, he is a full-fledged and hilarious, fun monster." - Coral

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