Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Owners: Lenny and Sara Martinelli
Opened: 1998

"I'm from the East Coast. My senior year of high school, I came out here to ski in Aspen. It was the most beautiful place and the weather was amazing. I fell in love with Colorado so I decided to apply to CU. I had never been to Boulder. When I arrived for orientation, I took a cab from the airport, not knowing that people here don't take cabs." - Sara

"I moved here with my dad when I was in Junior High and I never left (aside from a brief return to California). This became home during my formative years. I love Colorado." - Lenny

"I always joke that if you looked up 'Boulderite' in the dictionary; Lenny and I are exactly that -we're small town but still into fine foods, the arts, and other culture." - Sara

"We've both always worked in restaurants. We met while working in the service industry. The first restaurant that I worked in was the New York Deli on Pearl Street (the Mork & Mindy place)." - Lenny

"We're both creative people so restaurants have become our creative avenue. It wasn't intentional! I thought I was going to be an architect. Everything just kept happening and falling into place for us." - Lenny

"I think the ability to constantly come up with new projects has kept it fresh for us." - Sara

"The teahouse was not yet built when we bid on it. I remember riding my bike down to the Farmers Market and I saw this sign sticking up in front of the empty lot that said 'Future home of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse'. I thought it would make a really cool restaurant so I called the informational number. Maybe about a year later, we got an invitation from the City to bid on the project." - Lenny

"This place was built in Dushanbe and shipped to Boulder. It had been sitting in huge crates over at the wastewater treatment plant for about 8 years just waiting for somebody to build it. Nobody knew exactly what it was going to look like, but we went for it and haven't looked back." - Lenny

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