Fior di Latte

Owner: Bryce Licht and Giulia de Meo
Opened: June 2014

"When we started dating in Italy, our favorite place to go to was a little gelato shop." - Giulia ‚Äč
"We went there on our first date, and then probably our next 20 dates." - Bryce

"We both were really into food. Being into food in Italy is a great thing." - Bryce
"He could barely cook eggs when I first met him. And now he is the pasta maker, the pizza maker, and the best risotto person that I've ever met." - Giulia

"The Farmers' Market was great for us, especially when we were starting out. It was the first time we got to interact face-to-face with customers. The first year it was all us because we didn't have any employees. We were out there every weekend and Wednesday serving gelato."

"It's been kind of funny to meet people who already know the business. I had no idea that all of these people were enjoying our gelato every afternoon because I had been stuck in the kitchen making it." - Giulia
"The local businesses are our regular customers. Being on Pearl Street has been a dream come true for us." - Bryce

"Give people a chance. It's hard to be a boss. I've never been a boss before. I think if you show appreciation for what people do and encourage them, then they really give a lot." - Giulia
"Have fun and do what you're good at. If you work at what you're good at, then your work will never really feel like work." - Bryce

"I would be the cleaning freak superhero." - Giulia "With a vacuum in one hand and a broom in the other?" - Bryce
"Yea, I'm definitely a clean freak. It's one of the things that I care about the most in the store. I'd travel on my broom like a witch but then I'd actually use it to clean." - Giulia

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