Liquor Mart

General Managers: Tiffany Lough and Cardene Otsuka
Opened: 1968

"I met Jack Stoakes (Liquor Mart's previous GM) in 2011. He called me out of the blue and asked me to come in for an interview for a position in the wine department" - Cardene
"When I applied for Liquor Mart they were looking for a buyer. Jack, who had been here for years, wanted to train somebody the way that he wanted it done. He brought me in brand new and trained me. I've grown with the store over the past 11 and a half years." - Tiffany

"When I was little, I wanted to be an attorney when I grew up." - Tiffany
"Tiffany would have made a good attorney. I wanted to be a doctor when I was little. Both of my parents are doctors, but I ended up going the opposite direction." - Cardene

Pictured with Kat Davis, Director of Online Sales and Marketing

"We truly value our approach to customer service. This neighborhood and this community appreciate the service aspect of what we’re doing. They understand what we put into it and what they get out of it. It’s a fun place to be!"

"The liquor demand in Boulder has gotten a lot more local-focused. We were one of the first stores to carry Boulder Beer and Oskar Blues. We've always been extremely positive about supporting any kind of local business but especially breweries because of the industry that we're in." - Tiffany

"My background is in restaurants. Boulder has become such a foodie Mecca over the past 10 years, which has definitely helped the wine scene. We have so many unique things that we can sell in Boulder that you wouldn't necessarily be able to sell elsewhere. Working at Liquor Mart, the opportunities to explore are endless." - Cardene

"We have a lot of plans that we are excited to implement. We're going to brighten up the store and give it a fresh touch. We also want to put a new focus on emphasizing our roots. We were the first retail liquor license in Boulder! We truly are Boulder." - Cardene
"We appreciate the opportunity to bring a female touch to a male dominated industry. We don't want to change the store because it is a piece of history. We just want to make sure that it is as appealing as possible to everyone who walks through the doors." - Tiffany

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Downtown Boulder/1942 Broadway, Suite 301/Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303.449.3774/Fax: 303.449.1582