Owner: Chelsey Langlinais
Opened: April 2011, purchased by Chelsey in May 2014

"I’m in my last year of art school at Naropa studying art therapy so my life is surrounded by art. In my daily life, it’s what I do all of the time. I have a really big passion for painting, and the creative arts, and sharing it with other people. POSH allows me to share that passion with as many people as possible, people who aren’t necessarily geared towards being creative."

"I’ve always loved all mediums of visual art but once I started painting on canvas, I never looked back. I enjoy the feel of paint on canvas. Once I started studying that in junior high, that’s what I’ve continued to do."

"I'm from Louisiana and I came to Boulder for graduate school at Naropa. It's a great program that's really unique. It's contemplative education so it's different from any schooling that I've ever been in. I went to Cambodia this past summer to do art therapy with victims of trafficking and domestic violence. I still sell the products that the women make."

"I was a nanny for a really long time and I was an education major in undergrad so I love the kid aspect of teaching art. Just being able to play with kids where they won't have as many limitations as they would if they were painting at their house."

"If I could have a superpower, I'd want the ability to fly. I could get some awesome painting ideas from up in the sky. I just thought about having my camera while flying over Boulder and taking pictures of all of the beauty from above."

"There are no mistakes in art, only enhancements. POSH is a place where you can't mess up. You can always try again, you can always do it over, and there's always a redo button. Creativity and mess-ups are encouraged because that is how we live life and you aren't supposed to do it perfectly the first time."

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