Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary

Owner: Rebecca Luna
Opened: 2004

"When I first moved to Boulder, I was babysitting and selling handmade quilts for a little bit of income. I came here to be closer to my brother because we both had young babies at the time. There was an herb school here and I went there on a total flook."

"I had never really considered herbalism. I went to art school for welding. I loved having my hands on the metal - being able to heat it up and make it soft and then mold it."

"Herbalism is artistic in its own way. It reminds me a lot of cooking. It feels like the people's medicine and that's empowering. Watching someone learn how to use the dandelions from their yard, or mix their own tea is an exciting thing for me. I love hearing the customers tell stories of how plants have helped them."

"Raising my son in Boulder was a great experience. Even as a single parent, I felt very supported by my community - neighbors, other single parents, and friends. I could take Joey (my son) to school on The Hill, then we'd go to Boulder Creek after he got out, and the library is right there. We're really lucky."

"I always had a dream of opening a store. I think it's a little bit cultural for me. I wanted that little community shop. I had this fantasy of being behind the counter and interacting with customers and neighbors on a daily basis. This has been a dream come true."

"Business was slow-moving at first but has really taken off over the last 10 years. We’ve put all of our advertising dollars towards charitable donations for the past seven years because we’ve found that most of our customers are referred via word-of-mouth. Giving is a win/win for us because we get our name out there while supporting a cause that we care about!"

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