Chef/Owner: Bradford Heap
Executive Chef: Franz Hueber
General Manager: Miyoshe Miller
Opened: 2009

"I always thought of salt as just a seasoning or the stuff they throw on ice to make it melt... until I read the book Salt by Mark Kurlansky. I learned so much more about its rich history which is how we chose the name for the restaurant."

"I have attempted to be more conscious with the way I vote and buy food for Bradford Heap Restaurants, and a big part of it is that I don’t want to support GMOs. We are 99% GMO free at SALT. It’s possible. It’s hard, but it’s possible. And it's worth it. "

"Franz understands the complexity of simplicity. Five ingredients or less and let them shine. Simple, straightforward, clean, healthy, crisp – those are all words I would use to describe his cuisine."

"I had a belief that someday we’d have a restaurant here, and here we are, 15 years later. It happens – if you put your mind to something and you really want it to happen, you can make it happen. "

"We do a great thing at Salt – the Farm-to-Table Lunch Special. A small order entrée, soup, and a tiny treat. People love it.”

Pictured: Shredded Beef Tinga Tacos, Tomato Soup and an apple buckle   Photo: Carl Corsini

If you were a kitchen item...

"I would be a cast iron skillet…because I’m durable, well-seasoned, battle-tested."

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