Seeds Library Cafe

General Manager: Elyse Wood
BCFM Executive Director: Brian Coppom
Library Director: David Farnan
Opened: April 2015

"In creating a full-time presence for the Farmers Market, we wanted to have a place where we could talk about farming and local agriculture, and highlight our farmers in a way that is more meaningful." - Brian

"We did a lot of community outreach while we were planning the library renovation and people wanted the cafe back. The idea really came to life after we brought the Farmers Markets on board. The bridge has always been a beautiful part of the library but it was a hallway and not a destination. Now it's full every day of the week!" - David

"One of the things that I really like about this partnership is that the library is about community and ultimately local food becomes about community as well. The Farmers Market is where people connect with each other and the farmers, now they can connect at Seeds as well." - Brian

"Howard and I plan the seasonal menu. It gets updated every 3 or 4 weeks. We do all of our shopping at the Farmers Market so we take a cart down and pick up all of our orders from the farmers. Our ingredients are about 88% local." - Elyse

"We did a Farmer Creek Picnic event this year for local children, where we invited a farmer to come and read their favorite agriculture-related children’s story along with a snack and activity. We also did a film-screening in the Canyon Theater and a farmers' panel. These events are meant to bring people together and make agriculture approachable." - Elyse

"I've been in Boulder County for 40 years now. I came to the Farmers Market after several different careers and I've never been happier." - Brian
"I went to school for journalism because I really like telling stories. When I was studying abroad, I had this 'aha!' moment at a beautiful, open-air market in France where I realized I wanted food to be my focal point, and the story I wanted to tell." - Elyse
"I got a library degree over 20 years ago and I've worked in libraries in Florida, New York, California and Ohio. In Boulder, I truly feel like I have found a home." - David

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