The Pedestrian Shops

Owner: Richard, Lauren and Zoe Polk
Opened: 1969-ish

Where did you get the name? "It's complicated, including a trip to Venezuela that we didn't get to go on. But to sum it up, we are a place where people who walk can shop."

"In the late 60's Richard sold a few pairs of Earth Shoes out of the back of his '53 Ford pickup truck on the Hill. The people of Boulder loved comfortable shoes and pretty soon the pickup was outgrown and replaced with a Bookmobile."

"The first store was one block east of the current store. The displays were carved from tree trunks. The floor was installed by George Karakehian, who hoped Richard would buy insurance from him..."

What is that? "It's a SmartWool sheep with lost and found jewelry on it. And a scarf. And glasses..."

What was your vision then. What is it now?
Richard: "To bring peace to the world through comfortable shoes."
Zoe & Lauren: "To bring comfortable AND fashionable shoes to Boulder...and a peaceful world."

This morning for breakfast... 
Zoe: "Dad and I had breakfast sandwiches from Salvaggio's on Pearl Street."
Lauren: "I had oatmeal in Missouri."

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CBS Sunday Morning Called Us

the Happiest Place

in the United States

Downtown Boulder/1942 Broadway, Suite 301/Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303.449.3774/Fax: 303.449.1582