Topo Designs

Store Manager: Eric Reed
Opened: September 2015

"I came to Topo Designs by way of other outdoor companies. I was a manufacturers rep in the fly fishing industry and I've had management experience in the retail world. What I love about fly fishing is that fish always live in beautiful places. The best fishing spots are some of the most beautiful places in the country."

"We're inspired by the modern human. People are always going places. You might go on a morning ride before work, followed by a busy day at the office or startup, and then head to the trails for some hiking and fly fishing in the same afternoon. We have one bag that you can carry with you through all of those activities."

"I think one of the greatest things about the brand for me is that all of our bags are designed and made in Colorado. There's a sense of connectedness and community that you feel in every product, knowing where the materials come from and where it was made."

"The community on the West End of Pearl is incomparable. You have places like Trident Cafe, a Boulder landmark, right around the corner from new modern boutiques like Cedar & Hyde, which is an amazing store. I love grabbing lunch at places like Zoe Ma Ma and The Kitchen (Next Door). This is the perfect spot for us."

"My grandfather was a big outdoorsman. He would always say things like 'we're going to go camping and that's just the way it's going to happen'. We had all the old Coleman camping classics (stove, cooler, etc) that weighed like 200 pounds. My dad worked a lot in the city but I got out as much as I could to go hiking and be outdoors."

"If I could have a super power, it would be flight without a doubt. I'm fascinated with birds. I have been since I was little. I have a great blue heron tattooed on my right arm and a hawk on my left. It would be great to just step outside during lunch and go soaring."

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