West End Wine Shop

Owners: Chelsea and Mark Geraghty
Opened: 1999
New Ownership: April 2014

"This had been a neighborhood wine shop for years. We started coming here as customers. Most of the customers are locals that live in the neighborhoods right around Pearl Street."

"One of the great things about transitioning from a desk job in marketing and sales or a job in social work to being a small business owner is getting to spend more time with our 2-year-old daughter, Quinn. She doesn't spend a lot of time in the shop yet because she is a little wrecking ball but owning the business allows our schedule to be somewhat flexible."

"Our employees are great. Learning to have employees was a new experience for us. We were lucky to get a really good core with the three people that we have. We're really happy. They are all very personable, know a ton about wine and food pairings, and they are really into it. They are here for the wine."

"Wherever possible we favor family-owned wine estates using organic and biodynamic practices. We love wines that show a real sense of place and are natural expressions of the land and people who make them."

"Wine is really interesting because it represents a confluence of all of these different things. There's so much history involved and there's geography, agriculture, farming, and more. It is almost endless in its complexity. Wine kind of sits in the middle of all of these other interests that we have as humans."

"We love being on the end of Pearl that is closer to the mountains. The sense of community around the shop owners here is amazing. Everyone has been really welcoming and friendly. The shops on the West End naturally create a nice transition for gift shopping because you can buy greeting cards at Two Hands, chocolate at Piece, Love and wine from us."

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