West Flanders

Owners: Mark and Chris Heinritz
Shepherd of the Yeast (aka Brewmaster): Brian Lutz
Opened: 2012

"With West Flanders, we wanted to do something fun with Brian (he had been the brewmaster at our previous restaurant- Redfish, a New Orleans-inspired restaurant) and incorporate that 'food and beer interaction'. We wanted to create a dining experience that was something new and different for Boulder."

"Colorado has an incredible craft beer industry. When West Flanders opened, the industry was quickly growing and it was the perfect time to showcase something bold and unique that is Colorado without forgetting the roots. There are new beer consumers emerging every year, which makes it fun to try and push the envelope."

"Getting involved with restaurants was kind of a shot in the dark. I was 24 and Mark was 26." - Chris
"We like to joke that we were young, dumb, and naive enough to just go for it. There was never really a plan." - Mark

"We've learned that this business is a lot harder than we thought it was. It's active and ever-changing. There's few days where I wake up and actually know what I'm going to be doing." - Chris

"It's fun to throw a party. It's fun to have people come in and try what you've put so much passion into creating and say 'wow, this is really good'. It's about the community that you can establish and the smiles you can create." - Mark

"To put your heart and soul into something and have somebody like it enough to want to pay for it feels really good. I just brew beer to make people happy." - Brian

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Downtown Boulder/1942 Broadway, Suite 301/Boulder, CO 80302
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