Wild Standard

Chef/Owner: Bradford Heap
Designer/Owner: Carol Vilate
Executive Chef: Derek Baril
Opened: 2015

"I wanted to do something special for our town. I’m not just in this for money, I also want to make an impact in our community, and I want this community to further make an impact, like a ripple in the pond." - Bradford

"This white and yellow Carrera glass is the original 1930s glass from the front of Juanitas. In the women’s bathroom there’s a curved glass block that was also from the front of Juanitas." - Carol

"Chef Derek Baril is so steady, level and kind, and creates a really positive energy. That’s what we’re focused on for all three restaurants." - Bradford

"Our kitchen puts a lot of pride into their dishes. We get the ingredients, talk to everyone, and see what ideas they have. It’s very collaborative.” - Derek

“We change the menu every day. We utilize every single piece of the product that we have.” - Derek

Pictured: Tuna egg rolls with house-made Kim chi and wild standard duck sauce

"I like to use old, real materials and things that have history, particularly with these historic buildings. I start with ideas, I collect things I love, then I put them together as they call.” – Carol

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