Zeal Optics

Marketing Coordinator/Sales Ninja: Nate Hrivnak
Retail Store Opened: May 2012

"When making our lenses, we remove any crude oil by-products that you see in a lot of plastic frames and lenses nowadays. If you think about sunglasses and how they're typically made today, hopefully they’re repurposed and melted back down. Zeal is one of the only companies that focuses on sustainability by making biodegradable eyewear."

"The store is a cool vehicle for us to be able to really live out what we believe in and I think it's a really cool space that resonates with the community. We focus on making the store breathable. It's a hands-on kind of project for all of us-putting in as much life as possible. The plants help exemplify what we're all about, which is the sustainability factor of making lenses and frames that biodegrade and are ecofriendly."

"I think Zeal is definitely a place where everybody and anybody is embraced. We cater to not only the person running their 5th or 10th marathon, but also their first 5k, like the mom who's set out to do her first race."

"I'm originally from Ann Arbor. Every time I came to Boulder, it just seemed right; the people are friendly, the weather's great, and plus the mountains are literally right here. I honestly just fell in love and found myself here. [Boulder] is a town you can really never get bored in."

What's something that no one knows about you?

"As a musician myself, I'm a huge music enthusiast and advocate. I've been playing the guitar for about 8 years now and I actually taught myself. Also, I have this weird talent where I can make dolphin noises. Hopefully, one day I'll get to dive with dolphins and show off my skills!"

What is Boulder's Best Kept Secret?

"Bradley Boulder Inn. It's such a quaint and cool little secret! It's like a bed and breakfast, but it's more upscale and has a boutique feel to it. It's located right across from eTown Hall, which is another cool spot I would advocate for."

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