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Chelsey Langlinais, the owner of POSHsplat graduated from Naropa University with a Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy. Chelsey loves the creative process, teaching, and sharing her love of painting with people of all ages!

On an ideal day walking around downtown Boulder in search for great art, I might start my day at Ozo Coffee Co. They always have such unique artwork hanging up, and not to mention, great coffee and breakfast! Then I would walk down to BMOCA and see the exhibit they currently have on display. It is such a neat venue and I just love the space, and being able to explore the different rooms is so fun, when they are full of art! (I spent New Year’s Eve there a few years ago too, and they had a great party!)

Continuing down the Pearl Street Mall, I would have to stop into Smith Klein Gallery! The Smith Klein Gallery always has a great variety of artists and is very visually stimulating when you walk in. I am always drawn in by one piece or another each time I walk by.

Then, if I am lucky, it will be the time of year for one of Boulder’s many art festivals! The festivals downtown and the art walks are always amazing. Getting to see so many wonderful artists at one time, in one place, blows my mind!  Every year I spend hours wandering around getting lost at each tent full of artwork! I can only hope, one day, to have my own booth at the art festival!  

Finally, I may finish off my day by making some art of my own! Bringing my travel watercolors on a hike and painting the mountains, or just going back to my studio and painting what has inspired my from my adventures downtown! As an artist, being in Boulder is so inspiring. I feel very lucky to be able to be a creative person, surrounded by beauty and creativity, on a regular basis!

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Chelsey Langlinais




April 2011

Why Downtown?

Downtown Boulder is just such a unique, beautiful, and artsy place. The people are friendly, the weather is amazing and there is so much to do and see all the time!

My Insider Guide to Downtown Boulder