Thanks to a generous Community Outreach grant from Boulder County’s Resource Conservation Division and sponsorship from Eco-Products, Downtown Boulder, Inc. events are getting greener!

Our goal for all DBI events is to move past simply recycling and produce events that are Zero Waste.  We’ll be partnering with Eco-Cycle at five of our signature events this year with a big push to make this happen!

What is a Zero Waste Event?
Let’s keep it simple: a Zero Waste event is an event where the majority of the waste is diverted from the landfill through recycling and composting.  Let’s be honest – events can be pretty wasteful, which is why Zero Waste events require careful planning to ensure that all materials are reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Which Downtown Boulder events are Zero Waste?
While we will always do our best to make all of our events Zero Waste, the events that are the focus of our education and outreach for 2011 are:

What can you do?
A few easy steps can make a HUGE difference.

•    Think Before You Toss: What are you holding in your hand? Could it be re-used? Recycled? Composted? If you don’t know, ask!

•    Check the Signage:  Is it recycling, compost or trash?  Make sure you know which bin is the right one – or ask for help if you’re not sure.

•    Re-use: Especially in the heat of the summer, it’s tempting to go through a lot of plastic water bottles.  Carry a refillable bottle!

•    Tell Us how we’re doing: Still not sure you know what goes where?  Give us feedback  and tell us how we can make it easier for you to help!

•    Volunteer: Help make our Zero Waste events that much more successful by teaching others how to correctly compost and recycle their materials.  Please contact us if you'd like to volunteer!



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