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Introduction to Zero Waste and how your business can participate –

"Zero waste is a philosophy and a design principle for the 21st Century; it is not simply about putting an end to landfilling. Aiming for zero waste is not an end-of-pipe solution. That is why it heralds fundamental change.

Aiming for zero waste means designing products and packaging with reuse and recycling in mind. It means ending subsidies for wasting. It means closing the gap between landfill prices and their true costs. It means making manufacturers take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their products and packaging.

Zero waste efforts, just like recycling efforts before, will change the face of solid waste management in the future. Instead of managing wastes, we will manage resources and strive to eliminate waste."

- Institute for Local Self Reliance  (- Source:

Here are some resources to help your business save money and become more efficient by reducing energy and waste:

EnergySmart is a collaboration of the City of Boulder, Boulder County, the City of Longmont, utility partners and the U.S. Department of Energy.  The service provides technical assistance, information, resources, financing and rebates that make energy efficiency upgrades easier for businesses.

The 10 FOR CHANGE Challenge is a free program in which businesses commit to reduce their energy use by 10% per year.  Member benefits range from energy efficiency assistance to business development and publicity.  10 FOR CHANGE member businesses also network and compare sustainability best practices.

Boulder’s Water Conservation Program works with businesses to conserve water, both indoors and out.  The program offers landscape consultations and rebates to help manage water use.  The efficient use of water decreases water and energy bills and helps support a sustainable community.

PACE is a free program in Boulder County committed to providing local businesses with technical assistance to improve their energy efficiency, zero waste management, and water conservation.  PACE is a partnership of local governments committed to creating an environmentally sustainable business community.

The City of Boulder offers free zero waste/recycling technical assistance to all businesses in the City of Boulder.  An advisor can assist your business with conducting a waste assessment, setting up service, proper signage and employee education.  There are also several financial incentives available for business recycling and compost collection programs.

The City of Boulder supports both a healthy economy and environment with its Flexible Rebate Program.  The Flexible Rebate Program offsets the costs of certain taxes and fees to primary local employers, provided that companies meet sustainability guidelines and other requirements.


Steps to take in getting your business signed-up for Zero Waste Services:

Sign up for waste hauling services, which include:
(1) Collection of ALL your discards (recycling, composting and other hard to throw away items).
(2) Education within your company to help you reduce costly waste in the first place. (3) Promotion programs that let our community know about your commitment and successes.

Resources and suppliers for compostable food service ware

The PACE program can help you select recyclable and compostable food service ware that suits your needs and complements your collection services. We offer some samples and an up-to-date list of products for purchase (on last page) from local retailers, through your restaurant supply vendor or online stores.

Environmentally Preferable Product Vendors:

Food Service Vendors with Preferable Products:

As you convert from recyclable cups, plates and utensils to compostable items, please consider a tax deductible donation of your stock on hand to one of our community non-profit partners:
Bridge House Homeless Community Center
1120 ½ Pine Street (behind the First Congregational Church)
Phone: 303-442-8300 (10 am – 3 pm, Monday - Friday)
Isabel McDevitt, Executive Director  at

EFAA-Emergency Family Assistance Association
1575 Yarmouth Avenue
Phone: 303-442-3042
Liz Rowland at

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
4869 N. Broadway (October-April only)
Phone: 303-468-4323
Sarah Haas at


Maintenance of the Pearl Street Mall is done in the most environmental manner possible

Click here to learn more


Join us a the following zero waste events produced by Downtown Boulder, Inc:

Taste of Pearl
Sunday, April 19 | 2 – 6 p.m. | Pearl Street & Beyond
An unforgettable afternoon exploring Boulder’s tantalizing culinary arts scene, celebrating Colorado’s distinctive wines while strolling through some of Downtown Boulder’s most vibrant galleries and retail stores.  A portion of the event’s proceeds will benefit Boulder’s Emergency Family Assistance Association (efaa).

Bands on the Bricks
Wednesday’s, June 10 – August 12 | 7 – 9 p.m. | 1300 Block of Pearl St.

For the past 14 summers, thousands of people head to Downtown Boulder every Wednesday evening to dance, picnic and listen to the best local bands along the Front Range.  In its 15th year, Bands on the Bricks will feature tunes that will make you want to move and grove! Featuring an outdoor beer/wine/margarita garden starting at 5:30 p.m. every Wednesday night.

Pearl Street Arts Fest
Saturday, July 18 - Sunday, July 19 | Pearl Street
Open Arts Fest, presented by Downtown Boulder, Inc. and OpenArts, is a celebration of Boulder’s visual arts unlike any other.  Artists from around the country, demonstrations, workshops, food, drinks, children’s art activities, a silent auction benefiting Open Arts scholarship programs – and much, much more!

Fashion's Night Out
Saturday, September 26 | 6 - 10 p.m. | Pearl Street & Beyond
From Manhattan to Milan, fashionistas from all walks of life come together to celebrate fashion. For another year, Downtown Boulder proudly celebrates with a kick-off fashion show event followed by special events in retail stores throughout the district.

Fall Fest
Friday, September 18 - Sunday, September 20 | Pearl Street

Downtown Boulder's Fall Festival has been one of Boulder's most beloved community celebrations . This 3-day autumn festival features food, brews, and live music with the the added excitement of a Children's Carnival and more than 30 artisan booths.



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