Boulder Blind Café 3


    • Thu, Nov 4, 2010 – Fri, Nov 5, 2010 • 7:30 p.m. Seating/8 p.m. Show

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    LOCATION: First Congregational - 1128 Pine St

    CATEGORIES: Arts & Entertainment

    The Boulder Blind Cafe 3

    November 4th, 5th @ The First Congregational Church

    1128 Pine St. in beautiful downtown Boulder, CO

    Community awareness concert & Dinner in the dark

    The Unseen Bean Inc. and One Eye Glass Broken Productions Presents:w/ Rosh & The One Eye Glass Broken band

    The Boulder Blind Cafe,  a mind bending/heart opening experience where the audience will dine, enjoy poetry, and a concert in the pitch dark! All the waiters will be visually impaired & blind. There will be a delicious gluten-free vegetarian/vegan meal prepared to delight your senses prepared with love by Boulder’s own Chef Marcus McCauley.

    Your heart and mind will be opened as you discuss issues related to visual impairment, celebrate and explore spacial awareness, indulge in unencumbered music listening without the distraction of social/visual conditioning & your cell phone, build community, make new friends and advocate for a better life for the blind and visually impaired community...all with your waiters and fellow patronage in the dark.

    Rosh will deliver an outstanding concert with his band, 'Rosh & One Eye Glass Broken'.  And...YES there will be be puppies for you to meet! Proceeds from this event will be donated to support the Boulder Guide Dog Puppy Raisers Club.

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