Boulder County Farmers’ Market

Locally Owned Businesses Competing on Quality…

What’s new this season at the wildly popular Boulder County Farmers’ Market? Specialty organic chocolate and an organic bread baker to name just a few! Over the last year 20 new farms have begun participating in the market. This means you can expect to find more eggs, pasteurized cow and goat milk, a variety of cheeses, more starter plants to help you grow your own and unique products such as crayfish. Many of the returning vendors are also adding new products to their mix. The seasonality of produce comes and goes during the season, but overall there will be over 150 merchants selling goods this year!

For those not familiar, Boulder County Farmers' Market is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to making farming in Boulder County possible. Providing the lowest possible overhead to the farmers, the market strives to create the infrastructure for agricultural producers in Boulder County to sell direct to the consumer.

Most of the market’s farmers sell direct to the consumer in three ways:their farm stands, the farmers' market and CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture). Very few of the market’s farmers sell to grocery stores or have any other distribution method. The best produce, hand-picked within hours of the market opening, often organic, sustainably grown, heritage or heirloom vegetable is not something you will find at a grocery store at any price. Farmers’ markets provide the opportunity for local growers to sell their products at the highest value per acre making it economically viable to develop a resilient food system.

In addition to the farmers, the market will continue their monthly fine art and fine craft fair. The Farmers' Market offers a full food court and live entertainment making it a community event that goes way beyond the best food event in Colorado. The Farmers' Market food court has also become a premier place for acoustic musicians to get their name out. In addition,every season the market rotates 150 community non-profits in some of the spaces between their vendors.

The Boulder County Farmers' Market is very special to Downtown Boulder. It celebrates the unique agricultural land in Boulder County;the farmers working at high altitude and special climate of the Front Range; as well as conventional, organic and sustainable growing practices Those who shop the market can demand and find a full range of price and quality.

2012 Boulder Farmers' Market hours and dates:
First Sat. in April - third Sat. in Nov.,  8 a.m to 2 p.m. Wednesdays -
First Wed. in May - First Wed in Oct.,  4 p.m to 8 p.m.

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