Downtown Boulder Student Banner Project

Take a stroll down the Pearl Street Mall and notice the new lamp pole banners created by the talents and imagination of 57 budding artists from Whittier International School, Casey Middle School and Boulder High School. This year’s inaugural theme is “What I love about Boulder”. Designs include images of tubing on Boulder Creek, the iconic Boulder Theater, play areas along the Mall and much more. Mediums used to create the banners range from collage to water colors, pencil art, and photography.

The banner project is produced by the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District - who based the idea on a similar banner tradition in Palm Springs. The three schools (in closest proximity to downtown Boulder), as well as the  Boulder Valley School District and Photo Craft Imaging  graciously agreed to help make this happen -  along with a  generous grant from the Boulder Arts Commission. The banners will be on display through mid April. 

Elijah Boycoff - Whittier International School Emma Hampsten - Boulder High School Julia Esrey-Moats and Haley Blackwood - Casey Middle School Yareli - Whittier International School Emily Troeltzsch and Jenna Richter - Casey Middle School Zeke Bogusky - Boulder High School Emma Graham - Boulder High School Hope Kotsaftis, Emily Allen & Rachel Taylor - Casey Middle School Adam Bender and Roberto Arellano - Casey Middle School Henry Dyer - Whittier International School Sheila - Whittier International School Tucker van Leuwen Hall - Boulder High School Eve Sczechowski - Boulder High School Maria Chapman, Ruby Guy and Abbey Stephens - Casey Middle School Sophie K. - Whittier International School Rachel Taylor and Nate Kuczun - Casey Middle School Amanda Weber - Boulder High School Ethan Leland - Whittier International School Elsa Kelley - Boulder High School Jean Cutter and Willow Hitchcock - Casey Middle School Courtney Kaplan and Shannon Lind - Casey Middle School Ava - Whittier International School Nikki Ngo and Kate Gilliand - Casey Middle School Haven - Whittier International School Melissa Wrensch - Boulder High School Zoe - Whittier International School Kelse Lane - Boulder High School Lucy - Whittier International School Mitra Ghaffari - Boulder High School Jason - Whittier International School Rose Hooley and Addie Sommer - Casey Middle School John Hale - Boulder High School Kate Fitzgerrell - Boulder High School Micah B. - Whittier International School Tehya and JoJo - Whittier International School Brooke Calvo - Casey Middle School Perla Reyes-Altamirano and Ellie Einchen - Casey Middle School Lauren Bronstein - Boulder High School Poet Lyon and Serenity Anath - Casey Middle School Natalie Pease - Boulder High School Langley Rick - Boulder High School Lexie - Whittier International School Emilie Bryant - Boulder High School Avery Young and Emily Bush - Casey Middle School Carter Linsley - Boulder High School Julio - Whittier International School Susan Duran - Casey Middle School Alana Speich - Boulder High School Hannah P. - Whittier International School Brooks Haney - Boulder High School Ethan Taylor and Ty Antonson - Casey Middle School Sophia - Whittier International School


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